*swears excessively*

I had a post. RIGHT HERE. Right in this damn box. Until I accidentally pressed backspace at the wrong time and went back to the Reading Page and lost everything. I was almost done, god damnit. And I liked that post. It had spiders in it. (Of which I have an irrational fear of.)


And of course stupid me did not restore the post from Autosave, which is totally the obvious thing to do. Then again, does Autosave still work if I go back in pages and then forward again?

... What did I just ask?

Anyway, here's a short summary of what I was going to say before all the ghste953wutö-itö7 and you know. 

For years I have missed out on gratifying online communication because of being too damn scared of approaching people, and I am not planning to make that mistake again. Dreamwidth is giving me an opportunity to overcome my fears and meet awesome people and I would be stupid not to seize it.

So yay! 

Also, pushing myself beyond the limits of my linguistic comfort zone is fun, if unnerving.

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