So. Threw my first LARP. (LARP = Live Action Role Play) How do I feel?

Tired. Content. Accomplished. Motivated. (Yes, motivated to organize another game. This is kind of addicting, being busy and productive, having a small sense of purpose in my everyday doings.)

Despite having a few rough patches at the beginning and somewhere near the very end of the preparations, the GM team consisting of me, Dru, and some other people managed to make this into a generally successful event. Most of the players seemed satisfied with the game, which was very encouraging, and a few of them have already offered some constructive criticism, which is totally yay, because we need it. Hope we get some more.

We managed to scare the living crap out of most of the players several times (I have never heard screaming like that at a LARP), so we achieved what we set out to do - something scary, even if it was just for a bit. Just hope the event lived up to the name 'creepylarp', which we coined for it.

So. I'm off now, to write some FRPGs, read National Geographic and Chuck Palahniuk, drink tea and be all full of yay for the remainder of the evening.

Life doesn't suck the least bit for a change.
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