Oh. My. God.

Second week of uni. Not bad, really. I feel so grown up, living in another city, doing things on my own, going to classes and studying determinants, limits, academic English, stuff like that. Awesome. Some more self discipline would be nice, though. A little more sleep, a little more study, a little less moping around and drinking.

I mean. We just had a party on Saturday, and yesterday me and Kristel decided to finish up one of the bottles of vodka that was left from then. With energy drink. Gosh. And the worst part is that we had enough to get a decent medium sized human of the female persuasion reasonably tipsy, but we didn't feel a thing. We're alcoholics. Well, almost. Not really, actually. But it's strange. (Well, actually it's not, seeing as we have spent the better part of the last summer drinking rum in excessive amounts, but... You know.)

Aaaaanyway. So then we did some homework. Kristel studied Latin (the joys of med school) while I solved my epic fail determinants; at some point we decided we'd had enough, and we began writing instead. FRPG-s for the win, yeah. Indeed. Especially when you write them for six hours straight and suddenly realize you have twenty minutes of sleep time before you have to get up and go to class.

Yay fucking yay. Everything was fine until the lecture started. God, it was boring. I mean - the subject itself was not, but since it was the first class of the year in the subject of Industrial Ecology, I did not really hear anything new or particularly shocking. CO2 emissions, blah blah, population growth, yeah yeah, the Aral Sea, yadda yadda. I knew all that in 9th grade.


Next up is linear algebra. Or whatever it's called in English. Hope that's going to be a little more intense, so I wouldn't have to fight sleep every minute of my time. Maybe I should have another coffee.

But really. I'm only complaining, because I'm annoyed with myself for the fail that was last night. Overall I am quite happy with the choice I made and the place I ended up in.

Yeah. And now to survive two more classes and go home to sleep. SLEEP. SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.
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