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2009-09-08 09:39 am
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Omg, Student Life

Oh. My. God.

Second week of uni. Not bad, really. I feel so grown up, living in another city, doing things on my own, going to classes and studying determinants, limits, academic English, stuff like that. Awesome. Some more self discipline would be nice, though. A little more sleep, a little more study, a little less moping around and drinking.

I mean. We just had a party on Saturday, and yesterday me and Kristel decided to finish up one of the bottles of vodka that was left from then. With energy drink. Gosh. And the worst part is that we had enough to get a decent medium sized human of the female persuasion reasonably tipsy, but we didn't feel a thing. We're alcoholics. Well, almost. Not really, actually. But it's strange. (Well, actually it's not, seeing as we have spent the better part of the last summer drinking rum in excessive amounts, but... You know.)

Aaaaanyway. So then we did some homework. Kristel studied Latin (the joys of med school) while I solved my epic fail determinants; at some point we decided we'd had enough, and we began writing instead. FRPG-s for the win, yeah. Indeed. Especially when you write them for six hours straight and suddenly realize you have twenty minutes of sleep time before you have to get up and go to class.

Yay fucking yay. Everything was fine until the lecture started. God, it was boring. I mean - the subject itself was not, but since it was the first class of the year in the subject of Industrial Ecology, I did not really hear anything new or particularly shocking. CO2 emissions, blah blah, population growth, yeah yeah, the Aral Sea, yadda yadda. I knew all that in 9th grade.


Next up is linear algebra. Or whatever it's called in English. Hope that's going to be a little more intense, so I wouldn't have to fight sleep every minute of my time. Maybe I should have another coffee.

But really. I'm only complaining, because I'm annoyed with myself for the fail that was last night. Overall I am quite happy with the choice I made and the place I ended up in.

Yeah. And now to survive two more classes and go home to sleep. SLEEP. SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.
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2009-08-23 05:31 pm
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The LARPer in Me Has Reawakened

So. Threw my first LARP. (LARP = Live Action Role Play) How do I feel?

Tired. Content. Accomplished. Motivated. (Yes, motivated to organize another game. This is kind of addicting, being busy and productive, having a small sense of purpose in my everyday doings.)

Despite having a few rough patches at the beginning and somewhere near the very end of the preparations, the GM team consisting of me, Dru, and some other people managed to make this into a generally successful event. Most of the players seemed satisfied with the game, which was very encouraging, and a few of them have already offered some constructive criticism, which is totally yay, because we need it. Hope we get some more.

We managed to scare the living crap out of most of the players several times (I have never heard screaming like that at a LARP), so we achieved what we set out to do - something scary, even if it was just for a bit. Just hope the event lived up to the name 'creepylarp', which we coined for it.

So. I'm off now, to write some FRPGs, read National Geographic and Chuck Palahniuk, drink tea and be all full of yay for the remainder of the evening.

Life doesn't suck the least bit for a change.
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2009-04-21 09:35 pm
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We have a dog!

My brother got a dog yesterday. It's an American Staffordshire terrier, it's name is Dest Acer Golden Phantom, but we call it Fanta, and it is the cutest thing ever. And it's a he.

Fanta is actually almost two years old. We got him for free - his last owner had to give him away because of a new member in the family who is allergic to dog hair. A sad situation, without a doubt, but I am sure we can give Fanta a good home. There is nothing in this dog that is not to love - he is the embodiment of canine affection and intelligence. Just this morning he learned how to open doors and dashed out with the supposed intent of accomanying my brother to work (he fixes cars - Fanta is crazy about riding in a car - lolz). He seems to have adapted nicely - my brother is already the boss and I seem to be the second in command. Fanta had a rough patch with my mother in the beginning, but that was probably because she approcahed him too fast - he was in a new, unknown enivronment and would have needed some time. They get along just fine now, though. Strangely enough Fanta's attitude towards her changed immediately after I and my bro had taken him out for a half an hour of play time.

The plan is for my brother to move to Finland to his girlfriend's place as soon as possible and if that ever happens he would take Fanta with him. That is not going to happen for at least a month, though, because of all the necessary vaccines and medicines and yadda yadda, so I can relax and enjoy some time with the dog. He really is the most lovable little guy. Even made me wonder if I should get one myself. I think I actually will, once Fanta is gone.

I'd post some pictures, but I cannot upload them from file at this moment, I don't have a Photobucket account, and I am not going to make one solely for the purpose of this post. But rest assured, I will post pictures. You have been warned.

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2009-04-17 10:10 pm

France has Greenpeace failings

An environmental activist group knows it is being successful in making its point when it is being followed, moled (might not really be a verb, but I like the way it sounds), and spied on.

P.S. High school is almost over. For ever. Hallelujah! The past few weeks have completely drained me of any energy whatsoever, and I haven't had enough time to make up for all the sleep I've missed out on, because of our literature teacher's excellent time management skills. The nonexistent ones.
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2009-04-16 07:05 pm

(no subject)

*swears excessively*

I had a post. RIGHT HERE. Right in this damn box. Until I accidentally pressed backspace at the wrong time and went back to the Reading Page and lost everything. I was almost done, god damnit. And I liked that post. It had spiders in it. (Of which I have an irrational fear of.)


And of course stupid me did not restore the post from Autosave, which is totally the obvious thing to do. Then again, does Autosave still work if I go back in pages and then forward again?

... What did I just ask?

Anyway, here's a short summary of what I was going to say before all the ghste953wutö-itö7 and you know. 

For years I have missed out on gratifying online communication because of being too damn scared of approaching people, and I am not planning to make that mistake again. Dreamwidth is giving me an opportunity to overcome my fears and meet awesome people and I would be stupid not to seize it.

So yay! 

Also, pushing myself beyond the limits of my linguistic comfort zone is fun, if unnerving.

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2009-04-11 05:59 pm
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I have managed to make a community! All hail me!

[community profile] estonia  is now in existence. Membership requirement: awesomeness. New members should also bring pie, because we're hungry.

P.S. Anyone who thinks we speak Russian as an official language in Estonia will be... I don't want to say shot, because I don't generally support inciting violence, but seeing as it happens so often even now, 18 years after restoring our independence, I must settle for something much more horrifying: they will be force fed live spiders from my bathroom.

Those guys are vicious. (And now I have a giant eight-legged thing in my head going "I am spider, hear me ROAR." Great.)

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2009-04-11 02:13 pm
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Omghai, world!

I would run around and shit rainbows, but [personal profile] hoarmurath  is already doing that.

Still, awesome!

*luvs Hoar and throws general hugz around for everyone to have*